"We were playing the Dodgers in Cincinnati one time, and the game the night before had gone on until something like 1 in the morning,” Bench says. “Then, a few hours later, we were back out there, and it was hot. It’s late in the game, the Dodgers are up, 10-0, and our pitcher, Gerry Arrigo, is still trying to throw hard and can’t do it. If he keeps throwing what he is throwing, the game will go on for hours. So I give him the curve sign. He shakes it off. I put it down again. He says no. A third time. No.

“So I put down the fastball sign, he lets go, and I catch it with my bare hand. I look over in the Dodgers dugout and you can’t see a soul. The dugout was below ground at Crosley Field, and they were all rolling around on the ground, laughing.”